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A Typical Day at The Blue Lagoon

A day at the Blue Lagoon can encompass many things, but it always begins with a walk through a winding corridor bounded by centuries-old lava that symbolizes the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. This enchanting pathway leads you to the Blue Lagoon spa complex. Built to merge with the volcanic terrain, the building is the gateway to a world of wonder. From the powers of the lagoon, to the pleasures of in-water massage, to the purity of Icelandic cuisine, the resort takes the mind and body to a timeless realm of radiant wellbeing.

Discover the water

Bioactive water is the heart and soul of a day at the Blue Lagoon. It is the epicenter of the experience. Born deep underground in volcanic aquifers where freshwater and ocean water converge, this mineral-rich marvel strengthens, renews, and nourishes the skin. It is the reason the Blue Lagoon was named a wonder of the world by National Geographic in 2012.

The water’s defining bioactive elements—silica, microalgae, and minerals—have dynamic abilities. These elements are sustainably harvested at the Blue Lagoon R&D Center, becoming the foundational active ingredients of our skincare. Blue Lagoon Silica is a deep-cleansing phenomenon that strengthens the skin barrier function. Blue Lagoon Microalgae—a species unique to the lagoon’s extraordinary ecosystem—is an antioxidizing powerhouse that stimulates collagen synthesis and mitigates collagen degradation. And Blue Lagoon minerals revitalize and energize skin cells.

Guests often ask how long they may use the lagoon. The answer is that your time is unlimited. Both levels of entry tickets—Comfort and Premium—give you all-day access to the ethereal waters. Explore, float, socialize, take pictures, meditate—the lagoon is yours to discover and enjoy: 8700 square meters of otherworldly, mineral-rich warmth. In terms of the optimal time of day for your visit, we recommend the morning and evening hours, when the number of guests is at a minimum and tranquility is at a maximum.

Experience an element mask

Offering the iconic silica mud mask, as well as masks for microalgae, minerals, and lava, our in-water mask bar enables you to experience the water’s potent elements in their purest form. Once you apply a mask, you can luxuriate in the lagoon as the elements work their rejuvenating wonders. And though the mask experience is inherently unique and immensely revitalizing, it needn’t be confined to a day at the Blue Lagoon. Our skincare allows you to recreate this ritual at home—or anywhere.

Enjoy refreshments & explore the spa facilities

The lagoon also features a swim-up bar, a sauna, a steam cave, and a massage waterfall. Cumulatively, these experience areas expand the possibilities of your day at the Blue Lagoon: lounge in the dry heat of the sauna; take shelter in the moist heat of the cave where the steam comes directly from the earth; take pleasure under the soothing currents of a warm waterfall calibrated to relieve your muscles and eliminate stress; and quench your thirst with a smoothie or something stronger.

Treat yourself to an in-water massage

Conceived 20 years ago as a result of a humble request by a guest, in-water massage has become a signature enhancement to a day at the Blue Lagoon. Combining the pleasures of massage, the powers of bioactive water, and the sublime beauty of the volcanic landscape, this extraordinary treatment takes you to new dimensions of wellbeing. Floating in the soothing warmth of a secluded expanse of the Blue Lagoon, you become one with nature as your massage opens the door to unparalleled states of relaxation.

Dine on the shores of a wonder of the world

A day at the Blue Lagoon will inevitably induce a hearty appetite. And Lava Restaurant is the key to satiating your hunger. Built into a magnificent lava cliff on the western shore of the Blue Lagoon, the restaurant combines stunning views, organic architecture, and classic Icelandic cuisine. Opened in 2007, Lava’s voluminous interior and double height, floor-to-ceiling windows create the setting for an unforgettable dining experience on the banks of a wonder of the world.

Take a walk through a volcanic wonderland

A day at the Blue Lagoon also includes a bit of exploration. There are multiple walking paths—conceived and landscaped by Blue Lagoon—that give you the freedom to wander across the stunning terrain, taking you on a journey through the centuries-old, moss-covered lava. The paths bring you face-to-face with nature while preserving the sanctity of the environment and honoring the delicacy of the floral ecology.

Discover Blue Lagoon skincare

The final component of your Blue Lagoon experience might be a stop at our flagship skincare shop. Here you will find our entire range of products. From creams, scrubs, and masks to moisturizers, cleansers, and exfoliators, our line unlocks the treasures of bioactive water, distilling the lagoon’s mineral and microbial wonders into potent formulas that bring lasting radiance.

Cherish a lifetime of memories

With its intrinsic sense of warmth, wonder, and wellbeing, a day at the Blue Lagoon becomes a memory that will last a lifetime. And even if you can never return for a second visit, you can always experience the water’s natural powers through Blue Lagoon skincare.