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The Origins of
Blue Lagoon

Our story is a tale of the extraordinary convergence of nature and science, resulting in sustainable bioactive skincare.

From The Depths Of The Earth

Blue Lagoon is a wonder of the world. Its unique geothermal seawater originates 2000 meters within the earth where ocean water and freshwater converge in a volcanic frontier of porous lava and searing heat. Propelled by high pressure and extreme temperatures, the water ascends to the earth's surface, emerging enriched with silica, microalgae, and minerals: the elements that endow Blue Lagoon geothermal seawater with its radiant, healing properties.

A Lagoon Takes Shape, Locals Get Curious

The beneficial powers of geothermal seawater were first discovered in the early 1980s when local residents began to bathe in the warm blue waters that had formed in the lava field. As the pond grew into an enchanting little blue lagoon, the temptation to bathe in the water became irresistible and the site began to draw visitors from all over the Reykjanes Peninsula.  Some people came seeking pleasure. Others came seeking comfort from psoriasis. But all who came, left with feelings of profound rejuvenation. 

Scientists Start Investigating

In 1987, scientists began to take samples of the geothermal seawater. Their analysis reveals water that is exceptionally rich in minerals, particularly silica. Further studies indicate that the water in the lagoon is remarkably effective at treating psoriasis. Reykjavik doctor and physician Grímur Sæmundsen recruits a team of scientists, including Ása Brynjólfsdóttir, to lead studies on the unique water and spearhead the development of Blue Lagoon Skincare.

Studies Confirm What Has Long Been Suspected

In vitro and in vivo studies confirm the remarkable efficacy of the lagoon’s microalgae and silica in preventing premature skin aging and strengthening the skin barrier. Conducted by Professor Krutmann and published in Experimental Dermatology, this research becomes instrumental in helping Blue Lagoon secure patents for using the company’s signature bioactive elements in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. In 2014 the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office awards Blue Lagoon a patent for the lagoon’s unique microalgae; in 2015 the European Patent Office (EPO) awards Blue Lagoon a second patent for its microalgae.Three years later, the EPO awards Blue Lagoon a patent for silica.


The unique and profoundly potent ingredient combines the collagen-stimulating and collagen-preserving powers of Blue Lagoon Microalgae with the skin-barrier-strengthening abilities of Blue Lagoon Silica—a bioactive powerhouse encapsulated in a delivery system that uses biomimicry to penetrate deep into the skin. It becomes the star ingredient of BL+ skincare.