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deep into skin

Men’s Skin 101

How to Build an Age-Defying Skincare Routine 

Men and women are built differently. We know that. But some of our anatomical distinctions are less apparent. Namely, men and women have very different facial skin. Men’s skin is thicker and oilier. It ages differently. And it is often exposed to more stress (hello, razors). As such, men’s skin requires a unique and tailored skincare regimen.

The Biology of Male Skin Versus Female Skin 

In a comprehensive review of studies comparing the biological structure of male versus female skin, the National Library of Medicine reports that male skin is significantly thicker than female skin; men have higher sebum production, which is highly influenced by hormones, and larger pore size; and men experience collagen loss at a steady rate as they age, with skin thickness starting to decrease at the age of 45.These variables make men more prone to clogged pores and breakouts. And while signs of aging appear later for men, once they begin, they progress more rapidly. 

Male Skin Experiences Unique Stressors  

It has been reported that a man shaves 20,000 times during his lifetime, with the average American male beginning to shave at the age of 14. All this shaving removes facial hair—but it also removes the uppermost layer of skin cells, exposing the skin to external influences. And, of course, shaving is not the sole aggressor that can make male skin more susceptible to damage. There is also sun exposure, air pollution, and life stress to contend with.

The Ideal Men’s Skincare Regimen 

To our male friends: a quick face wash in the shower with a soap bar will not cut it. A good daily cleanser is essential to clear away excess oil. Blue Lagoon Iceland’s Foaming Cleanser removes impurities and pollutants, leaving skin fresh and well-balanced. Formulated with electrolyte- and mineral-rich Blue Lagoon Seawater to promote a healthy skin barrier, it is the ideal first step in a man’s skincare routine.To minimize the appearance of pores and prevent breakouts, experts suggest a twice-weekly treatment mask. Consider Silica Mud Mask , ideal for an allover purifying facial, and Lava Scrub Mask for targeting the oily T-Zone and removing dead skin cells.

For an instant boost of hydration, follow withMineral Mask , winner of a 2023 Men’s Health Grooming Award. Before the signs of aging begin to creep up with the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, and dark spots, add high-performing skincare to promote optimal skin health. Powered by BL+ COMPLEX, our exclusive ingredient technology proven to promote collagen synthesis and prevent collagen degradation, BL+ The Serum and BL+ The Cream protect skin barrier while keeping the complexion feeling smooth, soft, and hydrated. 

We invite all men to experience how good a multi-step routine can be for your complexion.